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Saturday, January 15, 2005

MeowGirl: swap photos!

i finally caught some light to bring you the following visual stimuli...

this means swappy fun! now i can tell you all about the Pinku Flower Swap neck/wrist tie Takeyah created for me. here is a picture of it around my wrist (by the way, it was a contortion task for the right hand to take a nice photo of the left arm.):

the frilly, fluffy, full petals are adorable; i love the colors, and every bit is yarn, even the strap. mmmmm... yarn. here is a closeup:

this was my first swap; it was exhilarating and heartening. someone who was previously a stranger took the time and thought to create this lovely crafty object just for me, and the flower crossed quite a distance to live with me. so delicious! there were even cute new year's stickers (baby chicks!) in the package. thank you, Takeyah!

here is a photo of the WIP baby hat i blogged about before:

i like the soft little nubbies created by the thick parts of the yarn, and the color is sweet. but the 2x2 ribbing on a small gauge was slow-going enough that i casted on another hat... for myself. more about this later.

doesn't Kitty Kitty's ruffle scarf look great on her? the texture and convolution are terribly appealing. i'm delighted with our spontaneous joint project. my stitches are in there!

i'm also rather envious of those socks; they look like such fun! i wanna knit socks... meow.


  1. YATTA! I am happy that you like the flower...you wear it very well ;) peace and blessings...takeyah

  2. Hey... I was curious if you have any more pictures yet of the baby hat? I keep checking, but you haven't updated. I adore the yarn you are using and have thought it would be a great gift for my niece. Just waiting to see the final photo.