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Monday, February 07, 2005

Kitty: Half done with my cable scarf

I just finished half of the new scarf last night, it still needs to be blocked once I have the other half done. The scarf is a long way from velvet flames which is what it was originally based on. I took the base pattern added another rib on both side, and some extra cables. Then when I was getting close to the top I realized the scarf was really way to stiff to fold comfortably at the neck. So I switched to stockinet and decreased the sides so it would be more comfortable at the neck and lay flatter when wrapped. (Sorry the colour in the photos are really off, it is a gray gray day in Ohio.)

Woho, I have an official Hubby to Do List:

1) One of the sweaters above
2) An ipod case
3) a cell phone case
4) MD case
5) Tube Socks *done*

He was so sweet last night. I was working on my scarf above and he asked what I was working on. He made the odd statement he didn't like all the scarves I keep knitting. He likes flat scarves. I was really curious why he brought this up. I sat confused for a long time and then he made the comment that I really needed a big project. That he really didn't think of me as a scarf person before this winter. He popped the big question, I wouldn't mind a white cotton sweater. He use to have one he wore all the time. So he went through the winter Phildar book I had bought just incase this lucky day ever came. He picked the two above. It made me so incredibly happy. He is actually showing interest in my knitting and requesting stuff.

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