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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Kitty: The Knitting Front

On the knitting front; I started to swatch my cardigan last night. I can not believe really how much it is rolling. I had to run the needles through so you should see the fabric. I was talking to MeowGirl on the phone and I told her I felt it was really to tight. Even though I got the gauge the pattern calls for. It calls for a 3.0mm and ended up having to go up to a 3.75mm. It is a perfect 21 stitches to 10cm. What to do?

I also started Vintage Velvet again last night. I had to stay awake until my husband needed to wake up since he had to finish a project. Work has been reallycrazy for awhile and sleep deprivation has definitely set in.

I also learned that I really like straight cable needles. I was watching a Tivoed episode of Knitty Gritty episode where they were making an aran blanket and the designer said she really preferred straight cable needles. I can understand why. I had only ever seen the curled or the ones that dipped down in the middle, but I substituted a double point needle and I am in love. It is so much easierthen the other two needles. And another use for the dreaded double points.

So I guess you are figuring since I started another vintage velvet the other one officially has hit the stash bag. The thick and thin yarn just didn't do the pattern justice. It just wasn't right.

I really do love the pattern, though I am itching to add in more cables I would have to admit. those rows of ribbing are just calling for them. I have done 5 cables and I think I need to add more.

Gee.... Do you think she has me wrapped around her little paw. My lunch, or was it Audrey's Lunch.

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