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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Kitty: What a wonderful end to a crappy day. Look what the postwoman had for me today!

Look what happy things I found in the mail box today, and what a nice surprise since I was having such a crappy day. Thanks SP4 you really made my day.

Hmmm Austin, TX.... Hmmmmmm

Very Good Green By the way, Ekkk I think I am wearing it right now, well with a little more brown to it, but close.

THANK YOU SO MUCH.... Look What I found inside my little padded envelope. Look how cool. Did you make them Super Secret Pal, I wonder? Very nicely done. I love it so much. How appropriate.<Happy Dance>


  1. Now, why would I tell you that? I may have made them or I may not have made them. I will leave you wondering.
    singed, A Sneak

  2. ROFL...... Well they are really nice either way. :)