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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

MeowGirl: hatty hatty hats

happy first day of February. Secret Pal 4 commences today, and i know Kitty Kitty is feverish with excitement. enjoy spoiling each other!

thank you, Tux-Gal, for leaving me that comment asking about the baby hat. i needed the nudge; other than being a slothy slowpoke, i had seaming anxiety. the idea that someone out there was waiting to see my FO made me giddy, and i hurried to completion last night. here my little yellow cotton baby hat:

summary statistics: Ironstone Warehouse Flake Cotton, color 1171 (buttery yellow), label gauge is 6sts per 1", 136 stitches in 2x2 ribbing, and seamed (3-needle bind off, actually 2 needles and a crochet hook) into a 4 corner cross at the top like this:

while i'm on the move, i'll share WIP photos of my other hats. first, a link for hubby's watchcap (if you are married to MeowGirl, please exercise won't-power and do NOT click): here. this hat has been frogged a couple of times, but it's finally back on track... i think.

i haven't yet put kitty ears on my Kittyville as i'm still convinced it looks too snug on my head. yes, i'm easily waylaid by imperfections. Kitty Kitty gifted me with enough Manos for a second attempt, so i will knit a larger one to compare before any kitty ears are considered. this will take a while, so here is what i have so far:

that was the serious-so-you-can-see-the-hat-properly pose. here is the can-i-go-play-in-my-hat-now pose:

i modified the shape of the earflaps just a bit:

ok, wish me luck with the remaining 2 hats... meow


  1. hello fellow bay area knitter!

    thanks for your kind comments on schmeebot. i would email you except i don't have your address.

    what do you do in berkeley? how long have you been knitting? please tell me more about yourself.

    thuy [twee]

  2. "if you are married to MeowGirl, please exercise won't-power and do NOT click"...let's see, cancel the negatives, carry the one, find the quare root of the hypotenuse...therefore "if you are married to MeowGirl, please exercise will-power and do click." YAY!