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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Kitty: Amazon Japan Order Arrived

So a special thank goes out to Pinku and Sugarcubed. Well I think it is a special thanks, my order from Amazon Japan arrived a couple of days ago. Sugarcubed had posted that she saw this great cat knitting book on ebay. So I fell in love with it instantly and immediately added it to my Japanese Amazon wish list. It sat there taunting me so I finally got my husband to find the other books and CD's he wanted and we ordered. I also finally picked up the book that Pinku recommended on her site several months ago. It is by far my favorite knitting book to date. There is only two things I could never see myself making, but the rest I am in love with. "Help... I need other books like this one to add to my collection, why Amazon Japan do you not have the view the content feature yet. "

Title: Watashi no teami fuku
Publisher: Ondori
Date: 30 September 2004
Designer: MISONO Asae
ISBN: 4-277-11375-3
Summary: Twenty knitting and crochet patterns (80 pages) - sweaters, cardigans, vests, hats, bag, dress, tank, etc

Title: Pretty Cat Knitting Pattern Book - Zokka & Wear
Publisher: Ondori
Date: November 2004
Designer: Kyoko Matsuda
ISBN: 4579110293

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