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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

MeowGirl: ready for the yoke, sort of

oregano's sleeves and body have arrived at the armscye. as you can see, the pieces are ready to be gathered onto a single circular needle to begin the yoke. um, almost ready, i still have to chart out the collar decreases and decide the angle of the raglan decreases. i'm not sure how it will work out, since i've not done this before. i will read some more, then chart, then knit, *then frog, then knit, then repeat from *.

oh, a link to share... i love everything about this story: the spirit and the resulting display (my favorite is the green glass tea set). knitting can be a purpose in itself, and we all need reasons to hop out of bed in the morning, don't we? i read about it on boingboing.

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