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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Kitty: The Prince of Knitting

So when are they going to bring out the subtitled episodes of The knitting Prince of Japan's shows? MG aimed me several links last night and I just had to post them, since I was in love. One of the sites we both read is Fathom, life and knitting. Fathom had posted some of the highlights of Stitches West. Where he actually saw the Knitting Prince of Japan. Look at that jacket on the front of his homepage. I am in love.

Other References:
Ananova - Host of knitting programme is Japan's latest heart-throb
Clover web site - Lace Pattern
Mr. CD - Song of a Wool Ball CD
Joyoliving - Anouncing that he was speaking at a library, but check out the jacket
Mammo.tv - Interview with the Designer who started knitting at 18 where he was intreged by making a garment out of one string
Bestlife on line - Interview - wow look at the yoke of the sweater

ISBN: 4415100929

ISBN: 4061740032

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