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Sunday, February 27, 2005

MeowGirl: i did it!

thanks for those kind comments (hello Thuy; hello Tonigirl; hello Jessica; hello Anonymous!) about the Love Ambassador. she feels loved, and i'm grateful. to answer Anonymous' question, i'm still considering the design of my gallery page, so um... it may be a while. the Love Ambassador was my very first crochet creature, and i definitely plan to make more. i'm delighted you guys like her!

i have this to show you today:

four little buttons and black twill tape. why do i need such things? i finished knitting my Oregano Sweater!!!!!! my first sweater! my own design! and it fits (mostly)! i'm still in disbelief.

i went to Stonemountain and Daughter yesterday to gawk, consider, and play in their button-land; i also acquired twill tape for reinforcement. so, attach buttons, darn ends, then Oregano will make its debut. it's far from perfect; there are all kinds of flaws, but it's my first sweater!! i leave you with this:
mmmmmmm... buttons

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