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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

MeowGirl: my ambassador

a week ago, Thuy blogged about these adorable Camilla Engman creatures she wanted to make. those happy, whimsical faces were so unbearably cute, i wanted one of my own. i said so in the comments, and an enthusiastic wanna get out your crochet hook? and "let's try!" came back to me.

i had also wanted a Valentine's messenger for someone dear yet far away; so i gathered my rusty crocheting skills and enchanted a freeform fuzzy ambassador:

to get her to the mail on time, i had to hurry: crochet, stuff, crochet, stuff, pick out the perfect beads, then sew them on while sitting on the front steps of the post office. after she stepped into being, i had but moments to hastily snap a few inadequate photos. here she is pondering love in the sun:

fortunately, the recipient furnished us with photos to continue the tale... upon arrival at her destination:

love ambassador pondered love in the rain.

thanks Thuy, i await your creation.


  1. one hand waving and the other holding a personal note, way too clever! i hope to rise to the challenge.

    keep crocheting, mg!

  2. Oh I love that! It's so cute!

  3. SO SO SO CUTE, I cannot stand it. When do we get to see your gallery page? I want to see more creatures.

  4. The little mouse is so sweet and kind looking. I have enough to knit/crochet these days, but I am adding little mouse to my file of someday........