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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Kitty: Back to Ohio

Eat - Sleep - Bath - Work - Play

I just got back from a lovely 5 days in San Fran. No knitting unfortunately, though as you can tell I did stop by Artfibers. Unfortunately, 15 minutes wasn't enough time to do the store justice. I must say I regret not picking up at least one skein of the stainless steel yarn, but there will be other trips I am sure. Hopefully when I have more time and not trying to walk on an injured knee. Those stairs were miserable at that point.

As usually though the trip can be summed up by; Eat - Sleep - Bath - Work - Play. I am in food shock now, nothing sounds good. Not that we don't have really good Japanese food here, but alas no Maki or fresh seafood.

Unfortunately I didn't get to see MeowGirl much this trip, work dictated long hours. I did get a sneak peak though at her most recent project. Hope she got buttons today. :) Well off to knit some since I can not sleep. Knit Knit Knit


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  1. Welcome back!!! Your Sneaky Friend