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Friday, March 25, 2005

Kitty: Tank Top Back is done


The back of the sweater if finally done. I will say the yarn knits amazingly fast and doesn't hold the memory of pattern before. I wasn't happy with the first pattern I tried since the armholes suddenly jutted over to almost the 1/4 mark on both of the sides. I realized that there was no way I would ever find a bra that wouldn't show. So I tried another pattern that ended up being not enough room for my shoulder. So I got out the graph paper and reshaped the design from the arms eye to the neckline. I can not wait to be done. Though I still need to find the beads for shoulder straps.

The choice is between:
a) Polished Jade Beads ----- b) Unpolished Jade Beads that are irregular
c) Unpolished Old Coral Trade Beads ---- d) Polished Phantom Quartz Beads that are square


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