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Friday, March 11, 2005

Kitty: What to do? What to do?

What to do, What to do??? Well I am about to finish my orange cardigan finally. (ok probably a night of knitting, the blocking issues still, seaming, and collar) I have been having lots of problems because I keep running into where the yarn has been spliced at the manufacture. I can not begin to tell you how many times I have ripped out a row to cut it so that there isn't a splice knot in the middle. So I have been looking for my next project. Of course there is stuff in the stash, I shouldn't buy anything. I even just bought Adriene Vittadini Marissa yarn that I just found on sale for a tank top and of curse the cute purse from A Sneak. But Knitpixie is running a St. Patrick's Day Sale and she put my dream yarn on sale, Shosenshi Paper . Then there is SouthWest Tradding company bamboo on sale as well . What is a girl to do? Should I be good and follow Knit Nut Matters, Stasher's Anonymous 5 step programme. "1. Repeat this mantra " There will always be another Sale"" Should I be bad and hit that shopping cart button? Chanting Mantra Chanting Mantra... I am so weak. :)

I was checking the Habu textile site and found some truly amazing things. Kits , Fabric I can not believe how amazing there other yarns and fabrics look. I want just about all of there kits.

100% cotton
100% wool
kit 20
linen paper jacket

kit 24
silk stainless steel jacket
content: wool & silk

PS. Thanks A Sneak for my St. Patrick's Day Card.


  1. OH OH OH, I must find the kits. I wonder if Knitpiex can order the kits. I will have to send her an email. Lets hope. I want that scarf. Oh.. actuall all the scarve kits. Thanks for posting about her sale.

  2. Kitty Kitty,

    I too must repeat the 5 step mantra. You make me laugh