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Thursday, March 10, 2005

MG: stalled

i'm at a complete and utter stand-still. poor poor oregano is not any closer to completion than when i last wrote. no ends weaved. no buttons sewn. sigh...

after the initial euphoria of finishing my first sweater--the knitting part at least--all those little flaws began to eat at me. i've tried on and examined oregano countless times, and i can't quite imagine wearing it without the fixes, which means frogging and starting over. i'm reluctant to do this, so i've been waffling--back and forth, back and forth--procrastinating all the while.

i think i should at least put the buttons on and snap a few photos to show you. i should do at least that even if i were to start over. now that i've announced it, i will do it soon, right? sigh...

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