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Friday, April 29, 2005

Kitty: Scrappy's Debut

Scrappy and Frederica

Scrappy: Hello World. My name is Scrappy. <waving violently to all>
Hi Scrappy, nice to finally get to see you. I see your jumped on Frederica to come and visit the office. Hope you had a safe trip.
Scrappy: It was scary. I am just a little girl and it is a cruel world out there. There were these mean four footed fuzzy creatures who must of thought I looked tasty. heheheh, Though I think the gray one was scared of the big pink bird. MOHAHA.... Frederica wasn't the steadies ride either she kept jumping with all the loud ringing sounds. I thought I was going to fall off. I had to come and visit.
Well, I am glad you made it. Welcome to the office family.:)

Here is Scrappy's big debut. She got her name from what else, being stuffed with scraps and made from scrap yarn just around the house. And in much the Victorian style she also has a little pillow inside stuffed with fresh dried lavender from the garden last year. Though her design was greatly inspired by the patch guy in the book I talked about in the previous posting. She misses some of the floppy characteristics he had, no patch obviously, and he was done in garter stitch from what I can rember.She is very loveable though. Her body is just the right size to hold onto and squeeze.

I quickly posted her graph that I came up with and construction notes about her if anyone is interested. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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  1. Note: Frederica is a lifesize flamingo that I received from my gang of best friends when I turned 16. She still sits in my office bobbing away everyday. Little did they know how much I would love her in latter years.