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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Kitty: A Sneak peak at "Scrappy"

Life has returned to crazy clients calling with unreasonable demands, but all and all things are well and the cats are happy to have us home. So I have started something cute to lighten my mood. Here is a little sneak peak at "Scrappy." When MeowGirl and I went through all the Japanese knitting books we ran across this really cute knit/crochet book that had of all things a cactus in a clay pot and this adorably cute patch eyed softy. The book (ISBN:4529039714 ) also had a lot of kitchen items, a couple of shawls, two or three vest, crochet hats, and bags. Neither of us could really justify buying the book for just the cactus or the cute patch eyed guy, but I am working on trying to recreate the pattern. I was unable to accomplish the patch since I couldn't find two yarns with the same gauge as the white yarn that I wanted to use for its marsh mellow look. (Ok, lets be honest I have a cone of this organic white cotton that has been sun bleached. I don't really like it enough to make a garment out of it so I have to find cute things to make with the yarn so it isn't wasted.) Luckily the rest of it is going pretty well. I just have the arms to attach and more yarn scraps to find to finish stuffing her up. So hopefully she will be done soon. Then I will have to decide what the next project will be.

I am so happy to see that other bloggers are posting about there beloved Japanese Knitting books. I just wish that Amazon Japan would have the look inside the book feature for there Japanese books. The other day I saw that Super Eggplant had an entry about her Crafty Book ISBN's. She also provided links to Hillary's site Wee Wonderfuls and an information site on Craftlog where people are collecting isbn. So to jump on the band wagon I posted some of the books I have and some of the books on my wish list.

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  1. I love your Japanese books. I have the "Knit" one and I ordered mine from http://us.yesasia.com/en/index.aspx I can't figure the gauge for Knit/crochet sweater of page10. Its the #5 design. if you guys know please drop me a line thanks