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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Kitty: Back from sunny SF

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ISBN: 4415100929

Bleck… They are calling for thunderstorms and snow today. To think just yesterday I was speeding down the 101 in a bright red Ford Thunderbird Convertible with the top down, 60 degrees, sunny, and the crisp chill of the ocean in the air. So I am setting here asking myself why did I come back to Ohio again? Hmmmmmmmmmmm……..

Yep, I am back from a lovely 5 days in San Fran. I am still shocked that we actually made it to San Fran since at 5:17 that morning the trip was in doubt and I wasn’t even packed. (My flight left at 8:15) Server nightmares for the last couple of weeks have been the norm around here.

I was hoping to have lots of cool knitting reports, project started or big yarn store adventures, but alas I just picked up some knitting books at Kinokuniy on Friday. Thank goodness I bought them on Friday since by the end of Sunday the shelves were half empty. The Sakura Blossom Festival brought lots of crafters I am guessing. I took some great photos of the festival, but I will have to wait since I dumped the photos on hubby’s laptop.

He he, But I did see Lelah in person. The pictures really don’t do it justice and MG is a lot further than her posting would allude. It is such a pretty sweater and she has done such a lovely job.

Knitting Cuteness:

While setting waiting for the hubby outside of Kinokuniy bookstore, I saw a cute young Asian couple. She was wearing a sweater like boobholder and knitting away on a new project with the Japanese Pattern lying on the floor. All while her boyfriend was feeding her an ice cream crepe. What great SO support of your project.