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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Kitty: Trade Bead Tank Debut

Woho. It won't be an official debut before the weekend, but I promised MeowGirl that I would post a FO photo today. I am really delighted with the tank top. After trying two phildar patterns I ended up keeping the original ribbing and starting over again and coming up with a semi original pattern. It is loosely fitted around the waist and then makes a gradual increase up to the under arm point then decreased to a square neck line. I then knitted a very long eye cord and attached it to the edge. I wanted the edge to be more substantial since I am a rubenesque girl. I felt that a soft edge wouldn't look substantial enough for my frame. For the straps I used African Trade Beads from the late 1800's. They are attached using silver hooks so that they can be removed for washing.

Trade Bead Tank
Brand:ADRIENE VITTADINI® Yarns Marissa
Fiber: 70% Pima Cotton~30% Silk
Yardage: 50 gr~124 yds.
Guage: 6st = 1" on #7
Care: Hand Wash
Colour: Black
Purchased from The Yarn Shop

Update: Thank you so much for the compliment Kathy. :)
Kathy asked how did I come up with the idea to use the trade beads? A long time ago in a time far ago, I worked in a very high in clothing store in Roanoke, Va called Frances Kahn. One of the designers they always featured was Donna Karen. I always remembered this amazing evening tank top that was beige silk noil and had her chunky gold swirls and quartz beads as shoulder straps. It too had a square neckline that slightly draped in the front, but had large slits on the sides that were only joined with beads. So that was the inspiration, mine seems so much less exciting now.


  1. Kitty Kitty

    I LOVE your Trade Bead Tank Debut. What an elegant look. How did you think of it? What yarn did you use? Best thing Ive seen today! You look great in it.

  2. pretty pretty tank!