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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Kitty: Is Spring really here?

Looking out the window from the shower in Novi, MI

Not much to report on the crafting / knitting front. My husband and I spent the weekend at a co-ed bridal shower. The weekend couldn't have been more beautiful for the event. Though I need to remember the next time when going into enemy territory to bring The Ohio State University fight song. Since we couldn't remember more than the chorus for it.

As you can see Kattie was helping me with the sweater I started last night. Always such a good little helper wouldn't you agree? Always willing to chase down those loose ends.

I found some Jaeger Cadiz on sale for an insanely cheap price at one of the local LYS. So I figured I would knit the Grey V-neck sweater in the most recent issue of Tendance for Spring 2005. I obviously am going to leave off the sequins at the neckline. Something about sewing on 8 sequins per purl didn't sound like fun. I really like the yarn, the texture is somewhat rough. So it has a nice raw feeling that for some reason with the muted green colour really appealed to me.

Grey V- Neck Sweater
Brand: Jaeger Cadiz
Fiber: 50% Silk / 50% Viscose
Yardage: 50g/98 yds

Needles: 6-7
Guage: 4 stitches to an inch on 10's
Care: Hand Wash, Lay flat to dry
Colour: Olive Green 075
Yarn Purchased from The Yarn Shoppe


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