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Thursday, April 14, 2005

MG: looking to Lelah

spring has set my heart astir for warm weather projects, and i saw this gorgeous top @ mellowtrouble. it's Lelah designed by Christine of Knitting for Boozehags. i love the clean lines and leafy lace stitch; covet covet.

Kitty Kitty was sweet and sent me some of the Jaeger Cadiz (50% silk/50% viscose) she found on sale. i have five skeins in greyish white--perfect for a summery tank; so i knitted a little swatch in the round (my flat and circular gauges differ significantly).

on 4mm needles, the gauge measures 20 stitches x 27 rows (10cm/4inch square). my target circumference is about 78.5cm/31 inches, so 155 stitches. i need an even number divisable by 11 (for the lace), so 154 stitches. ok, ready, but which cast-on to use? any recommendations for lace cast-on methods?

oh, i should wash the swatch to see if gauge changes. stinkypoo.


  1. Another lelah to add to my gallery, perhaps? I'm so pysched! Didn't Andrea's come out GREAT????

  2. Wow, I almost hate reading blogs and coming across so many great patterns! I need more hands!