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Friday, April 15, 2005

Kitty: What is that I spy?

What is that I spy? Could it be a new LYS that opened on all days as Tax Day?. A few months ago we lost Wolfe's Fiber Arts here in Columbus Ohio. Knitters Mercantile bought out there stock and just opened a new store today.

I have really mixed feelings about the store. Maybe my expectations were just too high. Maybe I just wish Wolfe's was back in all there glory, but the store missed something as far as I am concern. They are loaded with a ton of stock. Not much for the onslaught of spring though I fear.

It will just take some getting use to the new store. I guess it is not all bad, tons of new stock to fondle. I did buy an autographed copy of a Maggie Ireland book. Which was an awesome find. One or two yarns I am thinking about but didn't buy. One was a raspberry dk silk from Filatura di Crosa and the other one was an uneven brownish yellow linen from Maggie Ireland.

7- 7 foot tall shelves of yarn 4 deep, 6 - 3 foot shelves 2 deep 5 with yarn and one with buttons, 5 - 7 foot shelves for books, needles against half the back wall, roving in the floor and a shelf with spindles and mix match, front counter with small items, and nice place to sit in the front and a teaching table in the back. To be honest as a hole not really that shabby for an opening day and they will probably grow on me.

One big negative I see is that they are next to a cigar shoppe, but 2 doors up is Hobby Land so the hubby has someplace to go if I want to go while we are out. WOHO.


  1. Ick! Next to a cigar shop! All of that smell. But your hubby will always find something to do will he waits patiently (yeah right!) for you to shop.

    a sneak

  2. I have to agree, I went today and I was non plussed. What was with all the reynolds yarn in there? What time did you go?

  3. Hi Anonymous.

    Yeah, I was shocked at how much synthetic yarn I saw. There also seemed to be a lot of Reynolds. Obviously something they have added to the stock since I don't ever remember seeing it at Wolfe's. I was hoping for Koigu or Habue textiles, but that is me. A girl can dream about those companies. Though I think I missed the sale shelves the most. :(

    I went to the new shoppe around 5:00. What about you?

  4. Hey there! Glad to see that you made it out for opening day too. I was there at around noon with my boys. I liked the store and found it interesting to see more yarns from companies like Reynolds, that I don't usually see. Of course, the old stock from WFA is fabulous. Wish there'd been a sale bin or something though.

    Thanks so much for helping me plan a fun knitting adventure during my stay in Columbus! :)

  5. Hi Ladies! I'm so happy I happened upon your blog!

    I am one of the co-owners who will be re-opening the shop in Grandview - formerly known as Wolfe Fiber Arts.

    We plan to carry on the Wolfe Fiber Arts Traditions and have been mentoring with Linda Wolfe who is a constant source of encouragement & inspiration, to assure we're on track with what folks are looking for in a Fiber Shop.

    We'll be starting out a bit smaller than Linda ended with, after all, it took her 10 years to accumulate all the wonderrful yarn/fiber she had, and want your suggestions/comments on your favorite, yarn/fiber, needles, accessories and books! We are committed to carry "the best of best"in fiber and have the absolute best classes, customer service and relaxing atmosphere!

    Many of Linda's former instructors & employees will be joining us and Linda said she will stop by as often as she can to visit, sit & knit a while.

    Since we don't have the "7 foot high book shelves", the look of the store is quite a bit different..lots & lots of beautiful light! and lots of places to sit, chat & above all knit or crochet for as long as you like!

    We can't wait to meet & welcome everyone "back home"! The count down to opening is on...now at 11 days!

    Please stop by & visit our website, check out our blog (would love your comments) and please spread the word that we will be re-opening May 14th! We'll have a free gift for the 1st 100 customers!

    Thanks to All & happy knitting!

  6. I apologize, I forgot to state our new business name "Heavenly Creations, llc" Yarn & Fiber Shop, 1188 W 5th Ave, Columbus, OH 43212, Phone number: 614-488-3777 web: www.heavenlycreations.zoomshare.com

    Thanks again!