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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Kitty: Click. Click. Click. take me to Tokyo Prada Red Shoes. I don't want to be in Ohio

It just isn't fair I tell you.... It just plain isn't fair..... I wish I could have clicked my red prada shoes (ok well it is Miu Miu there cheaper line ) three times and magically ended up in Tokyo last night.

Click.. Click.. Click... But alas it didn't work.

Check out the photos on Pinku's site. Check out the prince in her logo right now and then the link wouldn't be complete if I didn't link to her gallery of photos. <cry cry cry cry>

Ok, I am a little obsessed with the Prince of Knitting as your probably know. His work is just so amazing. In honor of the event I went ahead last night and posted a few images from his books over in the library section. MeowGirl was nice enough to get me a new book for my Birthday for my collection. I haven't had time to get photos yet of that book to add, but I will try to get them up next week. (Thank you so much MG.)

I leave for Boston in the morning. Unfortunately, I doubt there will be much time for yarn shopping or knitting. I am in a wedding this weekend. I finally think I have everything for the outfit. Ekk, I even went and bought makeup this morning at Sephora, a major move for me since I really never wear makeup. Setting at the computer for 18 hours a day in my home office doesn't really call for it.

Hope you guys already have your tickets in hand for the midnight showing of Star Wars Episode III. 12 hours to go until the big event. Just remember, "There is no try, only do."

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