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Sunday, May 22, 2005

MG: more spinning

in the midst of my spinning fervor, i neglected to say what i was actually spinning. it's bluefaced leicester (pronounced like lester... esther; pester; tester) wool. Claudia starts her beginners on this fiber. it's soft and easy to draft; i love it. i have singles and more 2-ply to show you:

remember Stumpy the Jacob Sheep? Kitty Kitty fell in love with him at Maryland Sheep and Wool, brought home roving as a memento, and generously sent some to me. i spun up some singles--between fingering and lace weight, i think. the yarn looks funny and kinked and curly even after a wash (sets the twist), but it seems to knit up fine:

there is more swatching around here. in response to my last post, Andrea and someone who wished to remain anonymous gave me great inputs on using these first yarns i'm spinning. thank you! thanks to their suggestions, i'm now pondering designs for a chunky sweater with dropped stitches. here is my bluefaced leicester yarn in 1x1 ribbing, stocking stitch, and garter stitch with a column of dropped stitches:

i had to give the wheel back this past week, so this ends my spinning adventures for a little while. :(


  1. wow, such cool yarn. looks so soft

  2. now why did they make you give the wheel back?! you were obviously doing such beautiful stuff with it, it should be yours by all rights! ;)