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Monday, May 16, 2005

Kitty: New Store Opening - Heavenly Creations

Believe it or not I actually made it up by 9:00am Saturday to get to Heavenly Creations for the grand opening. The coolest thing happened, a fellow blogger recognized my sweater from knitbuddies. Linda came up and introduced herself and we talked for awhile. How cool is that, she made my day. It is such an awesome experience meeting someone who reads your blog. Thanks Linda. :)

Heavenly Creations was handing out a special thank you for the first 100 people. The special thank you gift was a little plastic project bag. I can see using it in my luggage to travel with a small project in the future. I didn't really have a project bag. I normally use a really cute Hello Kitty bag that I received as a b-day gift a few years back as my project bag. It is a little too big to travel with that bag.

Going to Heavenly Creations felt really weird. You feel like you are entering an old friend. They are a new store though; the old character unfortunately really wasn't there. It will take time to build an inventory. The store is really bright and cheery so all the yarn looks happy. The owners were super friendly and helpful. Unfortunately I had trouble finding yarn that I would be interested in buying. They did have some nice soy and bamboo yarn, not in my colour ways. They also had some nice linen yarn. The rest of the inventory was to synthetic for my taste. Or worse yarn I knew that I was allergic too, Plymouth 's Peruvian alpaca. I will go back but not probably for several months when hopefully they will have more inventory in the store.

I also had really great hope that they would offer spinning classes. They were my last hope for a store to offer them again, but alas it seems like I missed my chance not signing up for the last spinning class at Wolfe's. I have a couple of names hopefully that will work out.

I wish Heavenly Creations the best of luck. We definitely need other sources in town.


  1. Kitty

    You asked about the elephant buttons on my neice's sweater (she was born Saturday! MARIA!) Allison found them for this long awaited babygirl in january. There was a new yarn shop in Burlington Wisconsin: Artistic Fibers

  2. I agree it felt weird going to Heavenly Creations. It was also weird going to Knitter's Merchantile. Familiar yet different. I guess it will just take some time to get use to our new yarn stores. I can't believe you're allergic to alpaca, what a shame. Alpaca is one of my favorites. Hope you had a good trip to Boston.