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Friday, May 13, 2005

MG: call me Rumpelstiltskin

my spinning has improved:

this week, we learned to ply:

i made my own yarn!! i can't believe it!

hmmm... what should i knit with it?


  1. how cool is that?! you should make something that defnitely shows off the yarn, like a loosely knit scarf with dropped stitches or something like that. it looks so fluffy and lovely, go you!

  2. How cool is that yarn? Go Rumpelstiltskin!!!!!! I vote for a big chunky cable knit sweater on large needles. That is what I did with my first spun yarn and I have been wearing it for years. I also would leave it natural even if you are tempted to try dye. You would be so sad if you screwed up the color like my best friend. She still crys about her mistake.

  3. thank you!! :)

    it's so nice to have such enthusiastic support. chunky sweaters and dropped stitches are great ideas.

    dyeing the yarn IS terribly tempting. it's this blank slate asking for color, but i think you are right. i will keep the natural color.

  4. i think you should try dying it! even just one color in the dark/light effect would be beautiful. i'd go for the kureyon effect if i could!

    you got mad skills, mg!