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Monday, May 30, 2005

Kitty: Random Memorial Day thoughts

Wow, last week was truly a long week. I hate playing the catch up game when you get back from even a short trip. There has been a some knitting going, but his post will be somewhat random today sorry.

1) I was surfing around and found out that the V&A had a knitting section. They have even posted links to some vintage patterns from the '40's. How cool is that. Below are my favorites but there were many more.

A comfortable helmet, Leo the Lion and Tim the Tiger, Pants and Vest in Mesh Stitch', When You're "Off Duty, Two knitted Turbans, Tea Cozy, and the best of all Fishnet Stockings

They have photos from the collection of knitwear, but I was a little disappointed that they didn't have better examples. Check out the Jumper from the 1942. I love the squiggles on the sleeves

I couldn't tell if this was a permanent section or a new section for a collection. Hopefully they will put up more patterns from different era's

2) So they always say you have to ask a new yarn what it really wants to be. So I started working up a swatch of a new yarn I just got from Knit Picks. I couldn't resist a yarn colour named Happy Dance.

So after much contemplation the yarn decided it wanted to be a shawl. That's if I can handle knitting lace weight yarn and rolling it into balls.

Now the question is what pattern. Something simple with just regular knit stitches and with a fancy border? I played around with the Basket Weave stitch and I absolutely love the fabric, but with such tiny thread and small needles is this insane? Then there is always the option of doing a Clapotis which I have been really wanting to make.

I just did an open stitch to see what the yarn would look like with a drop stitch.

hmmmmmmmmmmm.... Don't we all need a Clapotis in our wardrobe? But the basket weave is so lovely.

3) So this brings us to the discussion about Tempting. I am to the point where I need to knit the cute little sleeves to add to the circular needles.

Things I have learned:

a) I am not a circular needle knitter. My stitches are really really uneven. There are a lot of stretched stitches that occur when I stop to move the stitches around the needles. I am really not sure how to stop this.

b) My wrist really don't like knitting with that much weight. As I have progressed I realized that knitting more than a couple of rows my wrist really start to ache. Something that doesn't occur when I knit on other needles.

c) Also this sweater has taken forever to knit and I have gotten really tired of the 2*2 ribbing.

So at this point, I am really not sure what to do. Should I frog it and use the yarn for something else? Should I go ahead and finish it and see how it looks on? Should I see how the stitches look after they are washed and blocked?

4) This weekend was a very sad one for me and Columbus. My favorite restaurant, Midori's closed for the second time. My husband and I went both friday and saturday night in hopes to stock up on good food. This was the place we have been for the last 10 years for most important celebrations, holiday meals, birthdays, meeting with friends, and just because.

I found it by accident when I was in college when a friend bought one of those Entertainment books. He was the type that truly went through every restaurant in the book to get his moneys worth. This was the first restaurant we tried back in 90 or 91. I never stopped going.

A special good bye to many old friends, I will truly miss you and your food. What am I going to do now for my sushi fix, Dragon Boat sushi is a little far to go.

5) The weekend got even worse after that, nine bee hives in the grill and then the hubby flooded the basement. Oh joy. You know yesterday morning when I woke up to one of my cats hurling over the pile of fresh clean clothes I was to tired the night before to put away, that it was going to be a bad day.

Well, I am off to play. Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day.

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  1. Hope your day got better. Too bad I never made it to Midori's. I like sushi but never knew where to go in Columbus. Interesting fact about the V&A. I was there in 2003 but that was before I learned to knit. Good excuse to go back :)