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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Kitty: Sharing my Mother's day gift for my mom

I bought this little gadget for my mother for mothers day. Since I finally got my shipment from England and got her gifts mailed off, for an ummm late mothers day gift I figured it was safe to post the photo of the needle gauge. I totally fell in love with it and almost kept it. It is lucky that she collects antique sewing tools or it might have not made it. The children are so adorable. I just had to share the photos.

From the picture, colour and general feel I would estimate this to date from the 1930’s.The words, now very faint, “Viyella” “gauge recorder” and “Made in England” are just discernable. The numbered holes (1-17) are obviously how the knitting needles were gauged. The chromed steel top and bottom revolve to show numbers from 1-24 in red and yellow which is the recording device. 1.5 inches in diameter.


  1. What a nifty little find! It is very adorable.

  2. Oh, Kitty Kitty. Your lucky mom. I adore the scene on the needle sorter.

  3. Kitty if it is not to much of a cheek could you let me know what price you paid for it. I am clearing out my knitting box and I have a needle gauge the same but it is in black. The writing is all in perfect condition and the children to. It was given to me many years ago by a freind of my mother-in-law. Any help in trying to value it would be very much appreciated.

  4. Hi Norma..

    If you send me your email, I will send you the price information.

    Thanks, Kitty

  5. Hi Kitty not sure how to e-mail you direct so please find my address as follows,


  6. Hi, well be sensible, well-all described