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Monday, June 06, 2005

Kitty: A busy weekend

What is that I see??? Could it be an almost finished Tempting laying there saying block the heck out of me please? I finished it last night and got all the ends woven in while I was on the phone on hold today. For the most part I am pretty happy with it. I think though I will have to run some elastic and ribbon through the eyelet holes at the top. It is a little to big, but I am not ripping it out and reducing it. No way. :)

I am just happy to be finished with the sweater at this point. The 2*2 ribbon really was begriming to get to me. I was afraid though if I put it down I would come back to finish it. I have a really bad record of UFO's. MG kept suggesting that I start a new project, but I am glad I resisted. A new FO for me, woho.

Tempting - Pattern by Jenna Adorno
Brand:ADRIENE VITTADINI® Yarns Marissa
Fiber: 70% Pima Cotton~30% Silk
Yardage: 50 gr~124 yds.
Guage: 6st = 1" on #7
Care: Hand Wash
Colour: Blue
Purchased from The Yarn Shop


  1. I love that Tempting - the color is gorgeous! I can't wait to see it blocked and embellished.

    ~Anon Y Mous

  2. such a soft, pretty colour...it looks great. looking forward to the finishing touches!

  3. Hey Kitty Kitty... I LOVEEEEE my brand new handmade hair accessories! thankyou! I especially love the flower-shaped bobby pin ones... they are too gorgeous :) thankyou. I am gonna post them on my journal tonight ... and I will bookmark your blog too... cos I need all the kitting encouragement I can get (I am at the very steep-learning curve stage of knitting...) Thanks again! - Lucy xx