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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Kitty: Favorite Fabric Store

No real knitting news to report. I finished the back for Orangina and I have started the front. I am still just as excited but alas the need to put some plants in the ground has taken over the free time.

Did I mention that I am sick of the heat literally? Columbus, Ohio was actually hotter than Taichung, Taiwan last week. That is just wrong I tell you. Weeks like last week just make you think about what are we really doing to our environment.

So since I really don't have any knitting info to pass on I thought I would pass on information about one of my favorite online fabric stores, International Fabric Collection. They carry fabrics from Japan including Kona Bay, Africa, Australia, France, Germany, Guatemala, Holland, Italy, Liberty, Alexander Henry, black and white, and there sashiko supplies haven't made it to there new online site. They actually use to stock gold shashiko needles. A must if you are going to do shashiko for any length of time to prevent the silk thread fraying. :) (Couple of good books and patterns; Japanese Country Quilting: Sashiko Patterns and Projects for Beginners, Sashiko and Beyond: Techniques and Projects for Quilting in the Japanese Style, and Sashiko: Traditional Japanese Quilt Designs )

International Fabric was doing a quilting show here in Columbus in 1992 or 93. I bought them out of there Japanese fabrics back then. They were super nice and had some of the most unusual international fabrics I had run into at the time. I have bought from them on and off over the years. For those ummmm >10 year old UFO's that sit in the basement.

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