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Friday, June 10, 2005

Kitty: Amazement

So what does 6 hours working on Orangina get you? 10 lovely green inches. I just had to show a progress report since I am so happy with the outcome. I never thought working on lace could be this easy or more over so fast. I can not wait to see how the sweater turns out.

No this doesn't mean that I am ready to start a crazy lace project. I think I will keep with nice simple lace. Some of the shawls you ladies are doing out there really scare me at how much work they must be.

You know once and awhile you come across a book, a magazine, a movie, a song, etc that truly inspires you. Makes you just set there in total amazement about the beauty you are being graced in the enjoyment of. Well I was picking up Summer Interweaves for Mona for a book swap we are doing and I ran across this little Gem. A magazine called Selvedge, from the UK. I picked it up on the newsstand and I was totally amazed. Since I didn't really have a lot of time I went ahead and bought it. (I didn't look at the price or I probably wouldn't have been so impulsive.) It is truly a delight and a Gem. If it wasn't so expensive I would really think of getting a subscription. So if you see it on the news stand do take a few minutes to pick it up and flip through if for nothing else the true inspirations of the colours, pictures, and all the little gems inside.

"Uncommon Beauty- A beautiful and beguiling blend of colour and texture, Japan's Boro Textiles have a past rooted in harsh Necessity"

"Washed up - Tea Towels have been transformed but are they now too posh for our plates?"

"A Ripping Yarn - Forget purl, knitting is now pure gold"

"Introspective- Cool and Considered: Contemporary Norwegian Textiles"

Here is a copy of a Quotation from there website explaining there philosophy that I loved.

“I look forward to a time when people admire the Selvedge on a scarf as they would a diamond in a ring.”
Ann Sutton, 1935 - Weaver, writer and educator




  1. wow, kitty kitty, you and meow girl both keep posting beautiful and inspiring pics and links - that mag looks awesome. i definitely gotta see if i can find a copy of it around here.. ;)

  2. Hiya, I had to buy the new Selvedge, too! So inspiring--I can't wait until the next issue arrives!


  3. Have you utilised the 'free sample' subscription to Selvedge yet (available at their website)? I just received my free copy (issue 06), and I am dying to subscribe -I have already back-ordered their Wool issue!