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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

MG: Rumpelstiltskin returns

hello there. it's been hectic--research projects, reinstalling linux OSs...s..s.s, and spinning withdrawal; but i finally have my laptop set up properly (yay!), an important piece of fancy software i use for research in working order (double yay!!), and the Ashford Joy back to stay with me for a while (triple yay!!!). so... i can again participate in fiber-endeavor-show-and-tell...

my yarns have grown thinner and more consistent; at this point, when spinning at my rhythm of comfort, one particular sort of yarn (what you see below) emerges. i'm still at the mercy of the spinning process; to spin well at all, i fall into a particular groove. i'm now working on a bit of control; i'd like to be able to spin any yarn at will--thin, thick, lumpy, smooth, lofty, dense. also, some experimentation with the effects of tensions and ratios is in order i think.

while picking up the dear Joy wheel from Deep Color Studio, Claudia suggested drop spindle spinning. she knew it would be a long while before i could afford a wheel of my very own, and a drop spindle would allow me to keep spinning. i was hesistant. drop spindle spinning somehow didn't have as much appeal. my instincts were it would be awkward for me. Claudia talked me into a $6 Ashford spindle (student top whorl), and i'm glad she did.

after a bit of practice, i was surprised to find drop spindles just as meditative and satisfying as a wheel. it makes a smooth, strong yarn. Claudia recommended knitting right off the spindle for springy, elastic socks, so i thought i'd compound new experiences by hopping into sock knitting, which i've researched and pondered for a while now. here is my first spindle of yarn; see the mushy stuff in the layers beneath, before i got a feel for things?

i'm thinking of this as a practice sock, footy or tennis sock rather (it'll be short). that's a comforting perspective--swatching but in sock form--since i have no idea how it will turn out. it's a toe-up pattern using Stasia's Sock formula. i threw in some cables just for fun:

i have other knitting on my plate. there is a sheer (alpaca laceweight) cardigan in the works, and i'll also show you my Lelah... next time.


  1. the spinning is beautiful and i'm glad the ashford joy is back with you! i went to a drop spindle class last summer and it was great and i had this little kit with some roving, but i've been too intimidated to give it a go since then - but now seeing yours, i might just try it tonight

    also, bring on some lelah! ;)

  2. Oh how beautiful! I cannot wait to see the whole sock. I have never heard of knitting off the spindle. What a cool trick. Lets see the sock!!!!!

    Where is Lelah?????