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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Kitty: Mail Wonders Oh My.....

What a wonderful mail day today.

First mail wonder, I want to thank Andrea so much for my wonderful thank you gift she sent. It was so amazingly nice of her to send me Parrot Bamboo of all things. I absolutely love this yarn. Thank you so much it was really sweet of you. :) ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Bamboo...... And not to be confused with the bamboo I ate for lunch. Hehe, I guess I just love bamboo in all its wonderful forms.

Thanks so much again Andrea :)

Second mail wonder, I received the sample catalogue from Ami Ami.

Oh me oh my.........

Could the colours be any more beautiful, could the hand be any nicer, I think not.

I had kind of been holding off my order until I got the catalogue. You never really know the quality, colour and the feel of the yarn until you actually touch the yarn. My original wish list included; Ester F-10 , Candy E-19, Caster Kasuri S in E10 or F-08 (mixed feelings since it has acrylic), Alcea F-18, and Slub F-38 or F-40.

I definitely am tempted by the Ester, but I have to do more research to see what the heck Ester actually is made from. The colour is pretty accurate at least on my monitor to the photo on there website. The yarn has these amazing almost tiger stripes in the same tonal colour. The yarn is stiff though. I would imagine you are going to run into a fabric much like a stiff linen. In this since it reminds me a lot of the stiffer Habu textile fibers.

The colours in the Caster Kasuri S are better than I imagined. Bleck though that acrylic is just annoying. It would make a lovely chunky sweater.

The Cotton Silk and the High Silk have definitely made my list of possibilities. What to order.... I am so confused now....

Mona, this is all your fault.(She originally posted about Ami Ami and that was how I found out about them.) So many beautiful yarns I want them all I fear. Now where was that "Stasher's Anonymous 5 step program" she also posted awhile back as well!

Third mail wonder actually came last week, but I will have to post about the Japanese Books from Amazon latter.

So, what about some actual knitting news.

Orangina is coming along. I have about 1 inch of the ribbing done now. I am really sorry not to be knitting the lace anymore. I really loved it so. I have an all weekend social gathering to go to this weekend. I really hope I will be done in time. (4 more inches of ribbing, blocking, and seaming) Hopefully I will get done in time.

Well I am off to get back to knitting... Oh I mean "work."

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  1. So have you found out what Ester is yet??? The yarn looks yummy.