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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Kitty: Thank you so much Mona

Look what the DHL guy brought me at the crack of dawn from Mona! Thank you so much Mona, I love my goodie box.

Mona was the person I had for SP4 and we did a magazine/book exchange since she knew I was obsessed with The Prince of Knitting and it is hard to get Interweave in Malaysia. So things worked out perfectly. :)

Yes, that is a pink Chibi you see there in the photo and a really cute scissor bracelet which I had never seen before.

The sweetest item was this very special scarf she made for me as a thank you gift. Look at those colours. I will treasure it, thank you so much. I had actually really admired it as she posted about it since I thought the colour ways were so nice. I was thinking when I read her post what a super nice gift. Hehe little did I know it was for me. :)

She also sent me pillow shams. Take a look they are even in Knitbuddy colours. I really love asian pillow shams. I have a couple that my aunt brought from Taiwan when she visited a couple of years ago. Just amazing the craftsmanship and the designs. Check out the metal work on the medallion.

Thanks so much Mona... I really appreciate it.


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