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Monday, June 27, 2005

Kitty: FO for the weekend

Tada... A finished project.

Well ok. The FO is a giant yarn ball for the girls to play with since I am so sad. I finished Orangina last week. Put her on the good old blocking board since I was trying to be a good girl and block before I quickly seemed it up because I so wanted to wear it this weekend. And what did I find to my surprise. It had increased in size from my little pre-washed swatch.

Yes, I was a good girl and swatched before. I had to change the number of stitches since my size and gauge were different. So I knew I needed to be good. So I went back to the calculator and checked again. Yep... for the swatch and the size needed stitch count was correct.

So I swatched again thinking oh maybe I picked up the wrong needles or they were different from the ones I swatched with.. Nope they were all the same.

48 stitches to big on each side. My husband thought it would make a nice poncho. So I am guessing the yarn creeps width wise?

Bleck I tell you. So storming upstairs and grabbing the old surger and zipping it off to the right size crossed my mind and I did have 4 spools of green that were the right colour. But what fun is it to have an ugly surged seam on your very first lace project. I think in the long run I would have been even sadder had in my fit of passion I had gone with the surger. So, so long FO to the ball with you bad sweater.

My FO for the weekend. :(

See I am a good girl, I swatched my Pakucho Organic Cotton.

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