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Monday, June 27, 2005

MG: linky dinky footie

i'm so excited Kitty Kitty started spinning!! that third spindle of yarn is impressively smooth, Kitty Kitty.

Lucy (of niceandlucy) posted a request for info about purl row decreases. this involves the sort of thing i have trouble remembering... which decreases slant which way? which purl decreases match which knit decreases? i found some illustrated instructions/clarifications, so thought i'd share:

first, a nifty swatch of different knit decrease pairs is located here. for the four basic purl decreases (slipped or 2together, each with left and right versions), click here.

when decreasing every row, slants are matched to the right side of the fabric (slants run the opposite direction on the flip-side). so, if at the end of a right-side row there is a right-slanted decrease, then the next wrong-side row should start also with a right-slanted decrease. um, was that clear as mud? nonaKnits has a great post about how she matched slanting decreases for her NBaT.

remember the practice footie i was knitting from my drop spindle? it's a toe-up using Stasia's sock formula, short-rows for the heel, and a figure-eight cast-on.

it's very much a practice sock--too wide and rather lumpy towards the top (beginning of the spindle). don't know if you can tell, but there are two different kinds of cables in there.

this little footie was fun to knit; it's also comfy to wear. i will definitely knit a real pair, straight from the spindle again. i plan to short-row longer for a deeper heel, use make1 instead of lifted increases at the toes, and keep it nice and snug. more sock and footie links for you. i may or may not be susceptible to sockmania.

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  1. bad bad sockmonkey6/27/2005 12:03 PM

    Better get busy!
    Sockmonkey needs more socks!
    Mmmmm, socks!