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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Kitty: Saturday Afternoon Spin

So guess what I did this afternoon???? I took a spinning class at one of my LYS, The Yarn Shoppe. I was in the store on thurs. looking for a little cheer me up/get well gift for a friend I was sending tea to. Unfortunately I didn't find anything that really looked like her. :( But what I did notice on the swipe board was that they were teaching a drop spindle class today.

MG has been such a great inspiration to make me really want to learn how to spin. Though after her amazing photos I am feeling really shy about posting mine since they look sheepish next to hers, but we all have to start to learn someplace.

So on the toilet paper is my very first little wad of hand spun yarn and on the spindle I started to spin another strand so I could learn how to ply. We were using Shetland natural wool to practice on. I can honestly say I am really not sold on the quality of the roving there were tons of dirt, grass, and it was pretty scratchy to work with.

It was also nice that the teacher had written off to Spin-Off for copies of there brochure for class. So it will be a great resource when I have forgotten how to draft.

My first little hank of wool, all lumps included.

After practicing some more tonight I am really impressed at the progress I have made. To think this is really the third spool of yarn I have ever spun and it looks like yarn. So 2oz of roving down and many more in my future I see.

Thanks so much, MG. You really did inspire me into taking this class. If it wasn't for you I would still be setting at home being a wuss about taking the class. Thank you, you are such a great knitbuddy. :)


  1. Great job - thats a lot of progress in one day. I've been spinning for a week and a half, its addicting. Good luck and have fun!

  2. awww, you two are so sweet. and both very inspiring to me too! ;)

    great spinning, kitty kitty!