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Friday, June 24, 2005

MG: alpaca adulation

Bluebird Hills (CSA & alpaca farm in the Dayton, Ohio area) held an openhouse this past saturday. i love CSAs! i have family participating in a share with Bluebird Hills this summer. mmm... fresh, organic veggies.

so, they attended the openhouse, and on that particular day, a baby alpaca arrived in the world!! upon the little one's arrival, the herd gathered to watch the wobbly first steps (click on the pictures for closer view; the fuzzy cuteness is worth it. these were all taken minutes after the baby's birth!!!):

everyone gingerly followed along on the baby's walk:

the whole herd was attentive to its new member's making acquaintance with the world:


  1. i can't stand how CUTE these pics are - i totally want to grab one and use it as my wallpaper for my computer (when i get it back, sigh), lovely pics ;)

  2. I second andrea. Those alpacas are so cute looking! Tops the hugable scale. hehe thanks for sharing them...:) Made my day