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Friday, June 24, 2005

Kitty: The Good the Bad the Big Sweater

The good and the bad. The good is I finished Orangina last night. The bad is that it is oh... about... um.... 9 inches to big. It is on the blocking board so I will at least block it and then try it on to see how bad it looks. Maybe I can create some shoulder detail that will gather it some and create a v-neck. Any suggestions I am all ears. :( A very sad knitting day. I guess I can take the ribbing off and make a nice lace towel.

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  1. Hey! You know what? I just finished my Orangina too and it is also too big! I can still wear it alright, but I would have liked it to be a bit more form fitting. I only used (less than) 5 skeins too! For the large!
    I wonder if you could do a running stich along the shoulder seams and then just pull it tight to "scrunch" it???
    I was (big gasp of horror) thinking about washing mine and then throwing it in the clothes dryer to shrink it!! But I'm scared!
    I'd love to see your Lelah! You can send me a picture to put in the gallery! Send it to Knittingforboozehags AT gmail Dot com if you'd like!
    I would have alot of trouble if I lived as close to art fibers as you! I'd be penniless! It's a GOOD thing I lost my atm card the previous night... (In Berkely nonetheless!)