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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Kitty: Whats on the needles?

Look what MG spun for me, my very own custom spun yarn. Mg had asked me if I could have my dream hand spun yarn what qualities would I want. Not really knowing how hard my request would be for her I requested thick and thin lumpy yarn that you knew was hand spun. I wanted enough to add stripes to a winter scarf. I didn't really care what the fiber type was just that it was thick and thin and preferably soft.

WOHO, look at my haul. :) Just what the doctor ordered. I love it and it is so soft. Thank you so much MG. I am a very happy camper.

MG and our hubbies got to spend this past sunday together. Lots of knitting talks and two glazed over faces could be found at several locations around town.

So, here is my most recent item on the needles. I am making the new messenger bag that is in this summers issue of knitty. I must say this is going to take awhile since I am spinning my yarn and knitting the bag. The other night my husband had to go to the co-location server farm to repair a drive and since his car was in the shoppe guess who got to sit and knit all night while waiting for him. You guessed it, me! I made a lot of progress and the server farm was ice cold so I didn't mind working with the wool.

But ugg today makes the third time in less than a week the car has gotten to go to the shoppe. OH JOY!

Ok... I really don't understand where this bright red has come from. This is taken from the other half of the roving from the 4oz above. I had mentioned before that I really didn't know where all the bright colours had gone, well I guess I found the red. Guess you really don't know what you are going to get.


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