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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Kitty: New Toy and FO Photos :)

Warning Photo Heavy Post of FO's and digital camera comparison

What do you get the guy that has everything he wants that is available in the United States. Yes, if I had access to Tokyo Digital Toy District there would be numerous possibilities for goodies to get the hubby for his birthday. A new Au phone flavor of the month would make him happy until Christmas where he would change it again for a new one. The reality of the situation is that we live in the US where we live in an electronic black hole. Yes, Dynamism will special order for you, but the premium is insane especially considering the hubby is a master haggler.

For example the last time we were in chinatown in SFO we were looking for a statue for a friend. The list price was $189.00 he haggled it down to $39.00 and got them to throw in some other stuff since we were taking it off there hands. A good haggler knows no bounds to be honest. Please take some free goods to shut up if you ask me, but that comes from a polite southerner who couldn't haggle if my life depended on it.

Dynamism does have the USB sushi memory storage devices for your favorite sushi computer geek.

So I did my research, checked it twice, read all the reviews of the current digital point and shoots on the market and I was really impressed with the Fuji Z1. They have spent the last couple of years looking at the Sony T cameras and essentially have designed a camera that solved all the problems that people reported with that line of cameras.

Since this was the 10% off coupon weekend at Best Buy the hubby got his bday gift really early and I have been playing. I have a three generation old Cannon S45 so I took a comparison shot between the two. Look at the crispness of the fiber detail and the colour is a lot more accurate on the fuji camera. My old Cannon feels sheepish now and inferior. :(

Click on the image above to see an 800*600 size image
(Both photos are taken inside my office, with an overhead normal lightbulb on, flash on the camera, and with no natural sunlight)

FujiFilm Z1

Cannon PowerShot s45

So Some Promised FO photos of projects I have commented on before but hadn't actually gotten photos off. Feel free to click on the images for a bigger photo. All of them were taken with the new camera.



  1. So much cool info in one big post. I am a sony person though the Fuji looks amazing.

    Nice FO photos.


  2. Beautiful projects! Love the Tempting sweater. It looks great on you!