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Friday, July 22, 2005

Kitty: Yeah Dove and I found KnitCast - Happy Day!


Check out the beautiful add the the left for the new Dove campaign. "Real women have real curves." I am so excited about this new ad campaign. What a great step to helping real women feel good about themselves. These women are beautiful, and they have real curves. Ok. I am not that happy they are pushing cellulite cream with this campaign, but I am willing to forgive that aspect of the add campaign. Now if other companies just would take note.

Dove released a study in 2004 that discussed the implications of global societies view on beauty. Only 2% of women form 10 countries found themselves beautiful.

I applaud the genius who came up with this idea. I am so excited about it. Dove is saying feel good about yourself, you are beautiful. Something we don't often here from the media.

Go behind the scenes at campaignforrealbeauty.com
Dove Real Women
WWD FRIDAY PDF - Dove Ad Campaign Aims to Redefine Beauty by Molly Prior
Advertising Age - In Dove Ads, normal is the new beautiful by Jack Neff
The Dove Report: Challenging Beauty (PDF Format)
Salon.com - "Real beauty" -- or real smart marketing? by Rebecca Trainster

And of course CNN, which is where I caught a segment on the news last nigh.

So Some actual Knitting News:

Ok, I am probably pretty slow on the uptake, but have you all checked out KnitCast yet?? I was over on Marnie's site and saw that she had been listening to KnitCast on her ipod and at the time I didn't have time to check it out. I just subscribed to it and I have been spending a delightful afternoon listening to Kate Gilbert and the Yarn Harlot.


  1. I too was really happy when I saw the segment on CNN. I just wish it were for other products. I have never used Dove and it probably will no make me use Dove to be honest. I use more natural cosmetic products and the synthetic nature of Dove bothers me.

    I do applaud them for there effort. Women need more positive beauty role models.


  2. I found the lovelies in a magazine ad. I am commited to buying Dove products now. THey are on My fridge. Do you see Real Women Have Curves? Such a great movie. Here's to acceptance.

    I once read a dietician's quote and love it: You eat right you excersize and you live with what comes with it.

    P.s. I am on a new kick, please no justification needed, but can you mention how much you spent on the lovely purple yarn for the camisole? I am trying to decide on projects with a budget in mind. I dont like to substitute yarns b/c I usually end up unhappy. THanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!