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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Kitty: Wash a Wash Wash; there are two people in the tub!

Pakucho Organic Cotton, how do I love thee? Let me count your organic colour ways.

Ok, I am totally in love with the Pakucho Organic Cotton. Check out my left over scrap washcloth that I decided to knit up last night. I just couldn't sleep at all it was just to hot and stuffy. Yes, the AC was on but the humidity just made it feel so oppressive. I was also way to lazy to go upstairs and search through the stash box to find something to work on. So I decided that I would use up the scraps that were next to the bed still from my tank top.

Update: I was practicing another type of basket weave stitch and also my first attempt at a simple intarsia. My migraine is also pretty much over finally so I am a much happier camper. Thanks for all the people who sent me happy thoughts of feeling better.



  1. I like it too. Colors are nice.

  2. Try a cold shower and some tepid peppermint tea. But I like the washcloth.

  3. UGGG... Now I want to buy some and they are out of the green. :(


  4. WOW... you have been knitting like crazy.