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Monday, July 18, 2005

Kitty: I'm hot :(

Sorry there isn't a lot of knitting news to report. I just haven't felt like knitting or doing much of anything the last couple of days.

It's hot, humid, hazy, and the barometric pressure is all screwed up. I don't think I have been without a migraine or on the verge of a migraine for more than a week and a half. I spent most of my weekend in bed only wishing that I could get the room cooler and wishing my head would stop hurting. Could someone turn off mother nature for a day or two. It really makes you think about how much we are screwing up our environment.

I mean I hated the weather as a kid even though I spent most of my HS life researching the effects of sunspots on our weather. I would live my summers in the basement that was half underground trying to stay as cool as possible. But it just seems in recent years the weather has gotten so much worse.

I did finish up the habu textile scarf last night. It really is pretty cool. I wish the texture would remain like it is when it is wet. Unfortunately it is a lot bigger than my blocking board. I had to turn the corners and overlap it somewhat to get it to lay down flat. The instruction tell you to mush up the scarf like you would for a rice ball, but I wasn't happy with out uneven the end tail ended up to be so I decided to block it flat.

We will see what happens. :) Well I am off to cook something cool to eat.


  1. I love your scarf.

    Feel better, I think all migraine suffers want to turn Mother Nature off right now.

    Peace.... Rose

  2. WOW.

    Love this. So great that you've done something so original and brave even if it is a kit. Very postmodern and nice Asian stripe pattern in the paper.

    Love it!:) hehehe... perfect I can not wait to see it on!:) PICTURES PLEASE

  3. ps. feel better soon *hugs*

  4. Hope the headaches feel better soon. The new homeopathic stuff I am trying seems to be working. Let me know if you want to try it.