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Thursday, July 07, 2005

MG: next?

my Ashford Joy rental time is over again, but i spun up more bluefaced leicester and jacob sheep while the wheel was visiting. i have some thin bluefaced singles and some thick-and-thin jacob sheep, also singles.

i also have some 100% hemp, which i found hard to draft. it felt both slick and sticky. either a bunch of fibers pulled out of my hands or the yarn fell apart. i think it probably needs a lot more twist than i expect. it took a while to get a feel for the hemp, and even then the singles were full of weak spots.

the fibers are straight and rigid in comparison to wool, and i didn't like the way the ends protruded from the singles. it looked messy rather than comfily fuzzy. after najavo-plying though, the yarn dramatically improved. here is my itty-bitty hank.

my yarns are looking pretty boring, aren't they? i need to start dyeing. knitting is at a lull. i started a sheer cardigan with KnitPicks' Alpaca Cloud in Iris. this is a sleeve (140 rows!):

i love this yarn. it's really soft, and the color has a lovely depth. but i'm now in ohio, where the weather is a bit warm for me; so, i left the cardigan behind and am looking for more summery projects.

i have lovely cotton yarns but haven't been able to decide on a project. lacy top? or this Phildar wrap tank that Knitalicious is about to start? or the sundress in this summer's interweave? or a cap-sleeve raglan?

added later: my heart and thoughts are with those of you in London. Yarn Harlot posted quotations in which i found hope and comfort on a day like this.


  1. thanks for the link to yarn harlot's quote from gandhi...good things to remember. that alpaca cloud looks so touchable, and that IK sundress seems like a nice project.

  2. I think the IK dress looks like the best light summer project. Post with what you decide to do!