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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Kitty: A New Japanese Book for the Collection

I just picked up this book at my local Japanese book store. The book had been damaged so I got it at a discount. I had picked it up several times but hadn't wanted to spend the full amount for it I must be honest. It really has a nice mix of both knitting and crochet. There is also some knitted lace, felted jewelry, beaded purses. Some of the tops are really traditional traditional and look like they stepped out of my child hood lacey tops my mom would dress me in. There are also some really cute trendy tops that I am in love with. Oh and you can not forget the Prince of knitting article. :)

Brilliant Crochet Lace in Summer
ISBN: 4529041069

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  1. How beautiful, what a wonderful book.

  2. Looks like a great book! It would be wonderful to see some images from the book. Would you mind posting some of them?

  3. Hi, I am interested to buy this book in YesAsia, can you tell me how many crochet pattern in this book? Thank you for your help