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Sunday, August 28, 2005

MG: oregano v.2

socks finished! to resolve the pooling-barbershop-pole woes, i worked part of the second sock leg inside out for a spiral running in the opposite direction. the color patterns of the two socks don't particularly speak to each other, but it is not distractingly disjointed either... i think.

the two accidental sorts of short-row spines are in mirrored position. matching ones are either both on the outside or inside of the heel.

i've started oregano's redo. craving a cozy knit and inspired by the shape of the sweater on the left (click to visit it at Phildar)...

i cast on for a sleeve with my clover mini circulars. this version of oregano bears no resemblance to the first (teehee). i'm thinking scoop neck, snuggly ribbing, and columns of double eyelets.

mmmmm... tubular cast-on--i used the version in Wiseman's (2002) The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques and adjusted for 2x2 ribbing.


  1. That sweater is going to be sooo pretty!

  2. I love those fun pockets.