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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

MG: a farewell to oregano-v.1

i'm 97.8% certain on a do-over for oregano. here is the version.1 photo--buttonless, ends hanging out and all:

i should lengthen the sleeves, which are a smidgeon short. that weird bulge along the side seams (right below the armscye) has to go; those increase rows are too close together. it pulls a bit funny where the sleeves and body join, probably caused by a difference in ease. the sleeves (knitted flat) are much tighter than the body (knitted in the round). i've since learned there could be significant differences in gauge between flat and circular knitting.

i think i'll also add a couple of short rows at the hem so the middle drapes more evenly with the sides. and perhaps i'll knit the ribbing on smaller needles. that's it, i think.

while brooding about oregano, i saw this over at knit-ticisms. this version of the Glampyre Minisweater (aka Boobholder) by Stefanie Japel was so adorable it reminded me i had been admiring the pattern for a while.

i had in my possession four balls, about what the pattern called for, of Elann's Peruvian Collection Highland Wool in victorian violet. it had been purchased to become legwarmers, but as my weatherpixie to the left over there will attest, Berkeley has left legwarmer weather behind for the time being.

yummy pattern + yarn i already have = double yay! for this grad student knitter, so i started my own boobholder to soothe those oregano woes:

i love the pattern, and the color makes me smile. knit knit knit!


  1. I think oregano looks great! Where did you get the pattern?

  2. I agree, Oregano looks really good. It has a very nice shape to it that fits you well.

    Give a couple days?