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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Kitty: Our Hearts go out!

Our Hearts Are With the victims and the families of Hurricane Katrina!

In somber news, I want to send my deepest condolences and safe wishes to everyone has been effected by hurricane Katrina. I really can not imagine the hardships and sorrow that our fellow citizens are experiencing. I am continually moved by the destruction I've seen in photos on CNN.

I know that several of the companies that I work with have already made charitable donations as well as my own companies. Don't forget if you work for a larger company they may have a matching funds for donations. You haven't lost anything for checking.

American Red Cross (800) HELP NOW (435-7669) English; (800) 257-7575 Spanish

America's Second Harvest (800) 344-8070

As a child I remember my mother making reference every once and awhile about the devastation during Camille. Church members who had died during the flooding in Nelson County, VA. In my mind I guess I always though oh... that could never happen again. Especially with how technology has advanced and how many people we have in the national guard and armed forces.

Then the other night there was a gentleman on the news. That as a young child he had gone out with his father in a boat to cut people out of there attics of there home to save there lives. Here he was again saving the lives of people he didn't even know.

The impact will be felt for the rest of our lives.

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