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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Kitty: Something Pretty and Some venting

Eye candy for the day from Marblehead, Ohio at the Lighthouse.

Ok, I promised something pretty now for my venting.

So, you have completely run out of space on your hard drive and you need to buy a new one. There are way to many FO photos on your drive and you don't want to delete any of them. Or worse yet, your hard drive has just stopped working, no warning you have just lost 200GB of your life, all your data gone. You think oh I will just drop by the local electronic store and see what's on sale right??? You walk in and you see a tag under the 200GB or 160GB drive $199.99 and $100 mail in rebate. You just grab that drive base cost $99.99; if it is Western Digital put it back on the shelf. Run don't stop and put it down. You may save money today, but having the drive die in a couple of months will only cost you time, energy, and piece of mind. It isn't worth it.

Ok.... I am really bitter and upset right now at Western Digital and Maxtor isn't much better. We have lost 7 Western Digital drives in the last 14 months. That's right 7 Western Digital drives. Two of those were actually replacement drives that have gone bad twice in 14 months. That is a total of 3 drives last month alone with the most recent one dieing on Monday night. Why did IBM have to sale their hard drive division? So think about picking up the Seagate the only company that offers 5-year warranty on there drives. Or even Samsung the quietest drive I think I have ever not heard. Maxtor and Western Digital are now down to just one year and I can see why. They should be ashamed of themselves for contributing more electronic trash in the land fills and erasing portions of my life.

And if you are wondering, my entire house is on a UPS so that is not the issue.

Ok... enough venting. :) Sorry no knitting news per say, I am just working on the messenger bag and spinning away. Oh and setting at my desk backing up all my data.

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