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Monday, August 01, 2005

Kitty: Spinning with MG

Meow Girl and Kitty Kitty Yarn. How cool is that!!!!!!!!

Over the weekend MG and I actually got to spin together. WOHO!!!! Unfortunately not for very long since it was really late at night and she had also forgotten her spindle. We shared our techniques that we had both learned during our classes. I must say MG technique really did seem like magic. She was taught to spin from the fold ( I found an example on the Grafton Fibers site.) When you start to draft this lovely soft lofty fiber is produced. Though MG pointed out that her teacher did say it produced a much warmer fiber so probably not the best yarn for me. It was really amazing yarn.

The big advantage of spinning from the fold that I see is you can spin for a few minutes and put it down. The worsted technique which is more what I was taught requires a lot of time. First you have to draft your fibers and then spin the fibers. So it is a lot more labor intensive and something that can not be put down easily. Since really you want a very long piece of roving so you don't have to sit and join small pieces.

I leave you tonight with a little natural eyecandy from Kelley's Island, Ohio.


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